electricianHow many times have you tried to call in your electrician for help in untangling a cord mess? Or fixing broken plugs and blown up outlets due to tangled cords? Most homeowners often find themselves in a similar, if not the same, situation. This can be a problem as we near Christmas. All those Christmas lights you have installed in your house could lead to tangled cords if not set up properly.

Tangled cords may lead to several problems that may put your home and your family at risk. Aside from taking up a lot of your time to find the right cord that you need to plug in, a tangled mess of cords could cause the cords to rub each other, causing the plastic covering to be removed. When this happens, it can lead to a short circuit when the copper inside the cords come into contact with another while plugging the cord in.

To avoid tangling your cords, follow these professional electrician tips:

Put a label on your cords – You can opt to buy cord labels which are available in the local home and appliance center. But if you are the frugal type, you can use tape to right the name of the appliance which the cord belongs to. Tape works great because it is easy to write on and stick on the cord. You can also consider using bread tags and color code your cords.

Organize cord length that you don’t really need – Sometimes, the cord length of an appliance is very long. This is convenient when the appliance is placed far from the outlet. But if the appliance is placed near the outlet, you won’t be using that extra cord length. This is what usually creates the tangled mess of cords. What you need to do if you have extra cord length that you don’t really need is wrap them together and secure them with a twist tie. Decreasing the cords that are lying around will help you easily determine which cord belongs to your specific appliances.

Organize your cords and keep everything together – Save more space by organizing all your unused cords. You can do this by tying them together with a twist tie. Removing all the clutter in your cord area will not only prevent a tangled mess; it will also help you see which specific cord you need to plug in.

Hide your cords – To hide your cords from view, you can place them behind your TV and entertainment system. But remember to keep them organized so they will not get tangled with each other. If you don’t have an entertainment system where you can hide your cords, use plastic tubes and run your cords through them. These plastic tubes can effectively hide your cords. They are available in black or white but you can also opt to paint them to match the color of your walls. This can also be done with paper towel or toilet paper tubes.

Opt to go wireless – If you don’t have the time to regularly and constantly organize and fix your cords, you can opt to use wireless appliances. For example, you can use wireless phone jack systems to eliminate long phone cables running throughout your home. Check your local home and appliance store for these kinds of wireless systems that you can use in your home. Most of these are available at an affordable price.

Remove unused cords – The reason why you often find tangled cords in your home is because there are unused cords that are not really attached to anything. These only consume precious space and add to the mess. If they don’t really have any use, detach them and remove them. Compile them all and store them away for future use.

Call professional electrician assistance – If the tangled mess happens frequently or at a larger scale, you may need professional assistance of a certified electrician Myrtle Beach. Sometimes it is better to have a professional take care of the mess rather than make the problem worse by trying to fix it on your own.

As Christmas draws near, keep in mind that keeping your family safe is much more important than how beautiful your decorations are or how many Christmas lights you have installed. Protect them and keep them out of harm’s way by seeking the help of an expert especially when it comes to electrical issues.

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