Electrician Myrtle Beach SCElectricians come in contact with dangerous currents and electrical circuits every day. In the United States alone, more than a thousand people die every year by electrocution. Whether you are a home handyman or a certified electrician, we want you to read on and discover some tips of safety that could very well save your life. When it comes to dealing with electricity, there’s no room for being complacent.

Electricians face dangers on the job more than the average person. Just here locally, we know of people who have had third-degree burns from handling tools that got too hot, eyes that got metal in them from not wearing safety goggles, and other injuries. Most of these happened due to complacency when it comes to safety procedures.

Avoiding Electrical Shock

Time is money and we all tend to rush when money is on the line. But when it comes to electricians, rushing can be a dangerous business. Here are some ways to stay safe.

  1. Never assume that there is no voltage where you are standing or touching. Always have a voltage meter and use it.
  2. Always wear proper protective equipment, even if the job is a small one! You cannot be too careful when dealing with electricity.
  3. Always check for and verify possible voltage at any potential point of contact.
  4. Make sure you have the right tools for the job you’re doing.

The OSHA requires that electricians don personal protective equipment for the safety of the workers. They should also wear flame resistant shirts. Shoes should be leather with rubber soles. Mechanic’s gloves are a good choice for electricians, as your dexterity isn’t compromised. All technicians should have proper voltage verification documents and there should never be ANY modification of tools used on the job. This may seem like a small thing, but safety is the number one priority with jobs that involve electricity! If you cannot feel good about safely performing the task, then it should not be performed at all.

Myrtle Beach Electricians

We have many years experience and are qualified to get the job done right the first time. Don’t take chances with the wiring in your home—let us come take a look if you have any questions at all. Keeping you and your family safe is our number one priority!

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