Myrtle Beach ElectricianYou are watching your favorite football team with just ten seconds left on the clock, and they have the ball and they’re on the five-yard line. That’s when the lights – and your TV picture – dims and flickers for a second. You are relieved when things immediately return to normal and you get to see the last play of the game completely wipes away any concern about why the lights dimmed.

It shouldn’t. Dimming or flickering lights are signs that you may have wiring or electrical issues.

Major Indications That Signal Electrical Wiring Issues.

According to electricians, the dangers of wiring problems include fires and electrical shocks, so the possibility that bad wiring may be behind issues that arise in your home shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In addition to the general, house-wide flickering of the lights that I mentioned, individual light fixtures flickering can be an indication of bad wiring in that particular light fixture. Especially in older fixtures, the heat from the light bulbs may have damaged the insulation on the wires over time, presenting a fire risk.

If you find yourself replacing burned-out light bulbs frequently, it can also be an indication of bad wiring in the fixture, but could also be a more general problem, like a main neutral connection that is bad.

Circuit breakers that trip frequently may be a sign that you have too many electrical devices or devices that draw too much current, plugged into that circuit.  Or it may be a sign of a wiring problem. If you’ve eliminated the possibility of an overloaded circuit, have an electrician check your wiring.

Do I need to tell you that when you plug something into an electrical outlet and you hear popping or see sparks, you have a problem? Typically, that is a more localized problem – you will need to replace the outlet. It’s easily accomplished, but it is a potentially dangerous situation and should be repaired right away.

Sometimes you’ll encounter an outlet that’s dead – nothing plugged into it works – or a wall switch that fails to turn on whatever it is supposed to control. In those cases, first, check for a circuit breaker that has shut off. If there is one, the solution may be as simple as turning it back on. If the situation happens again, though, you need to check for faults in the wiring of that particular circuit. If there is no problem with the circuit breaker, the outlet or wall switch needs to be replaced.

Electricians advise that a scary sign of electrical wiring problems is a smell of something burning – a smell that you can’t quite locate. This could definitely be the smell of overheated electrical wiring insulation. Don’t delay – have it checked.

Heat. We all know light bulbs get hot (though it’s not as much of an issue with LED and CFL light bulbs as with incandescent bulbs). Electrical outlets, light switches, and electrical appliances shouldn’t be hot, though. If you feel the heat when you touch any of these items, there is a problem that needs to be repaired.

Electricity is typically a quiet, unobtrusive servant that makes our lives comfortable. When something goes wrong, though, it can quickly destroy appliances, entire homes, and lives. Watch for these symptoms and deal with them quickly. 

If you notice sudden flickering of lights in your home, do not take it for granted. Call Myrtle Beach Electrician Pros immediately! They specialize in residential services and protection for your home.

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