Myrtle Beach ElectricianEvery season brings with it weather changes and in in our way of life. The spring and summer months bring warmer weather that coax several individuals to go outside and to participate in various activities such as gardening, boating, and swimming. The fall and winter bring cooler temperatures that encourage people to cozy up indoors. But there’s one thing you need to always keep in mind and that’s how to avoid common electrical problems. Here are a few tips electrical contractors recommend.

There are kind of electrical hazards that you are most likely to come across the changes with the seasons. So you need to remain focused on safety all throughout the year by checking the electrical safety tips and details given to you for every season.

Electrical Safety Tips

Winter Safety

Statistics indicate that the sales of various electrical products are higher during December. This boost in purchases along with the start of colder weather in several parts of the nation increases the chances of electrical fires, injuries, and electrocution.

More home fires happen during winter compared to any other part of the year. Heating and cooling equipment is the second leading cause in the United States. Over 65,000 are linked to heating equipment every year.

Cooking fires are also common during the winter months because of the holiday season. You will find various infographic to help you prevent common kitchen hazards during this time of the year.

The first step when it comes to avoiding electrical hazards and to prevent injuries and deaths not only during winter but all year long.

Spring Safety

Warmer weather stimulates a boost in outdoor work in different areas of the nation both at home and on the job. A concentration on electrical safety awareness could assist in making sure that these activities do not lead to deaths and injuries.

There are a few safety rules provided by an emergency electrician to help you cut down the number of electrical injuries and deaths. These including avoiding the use of ladders including those made of wood, that come in contact with a power line because this could become very fatal. All ladders should be kept at least 10 feet away from the overhead powerlines. You should check appliances and power tools for rayed cords or broken plugs. Be sure to replace and repair them for damaged items. Don’t forget that electricity and water do not mix. You should avoid damp conditions even wet grass when using electricity.

Summer Safety

Summer is the best time for boating and swimming. Heavy rains and storms are common during the summer season. The combination of electricity and water is very dangerous. Myrtle Beach electrician said being aware of these electrical hazards around water could help prevent injuries and deaths.

Fall Safety

You should always keep electrical safety tips in mind once the fall weather comes and you need to move your activities indoors. You should store warm weather tools like trimmers and lawn mowers. Unplug and then safely store battery changes that you will not be using again until spring. Dry leaves swept away from power cords, outlets, and outdoor lighting. Electrical blankets should also be in good shape and it must also be certified by a third party testing lab like ETL, CSA, and UL.

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