electricianAccording to many electrician and electrical engineers, today’s homes are very different from houses that were built 10 or more years ago not only with regards to the design and structure but also in the major systems built into the house. In fact, adults today will find it difficult to live in an old house that has not seen any kind of upgrade since it was built. The primary reason for this is probably the continuous technological developments making people more dependent on electricity to power their gadgets and machines.

In addition to the increasing dependence of households on electricity, regular electrical upgrades are also important to ensure the system is in tip top shape. Keep in mind that an electrical system that does not regularly go through upgrades can easily be damaged and worn out. Moreover, regular electrical upgrades do not always have to be a major renovation where parts of the system will be replaced. Sometimes, an overall inspection of the electrical system including all the switches, outlets and breakers s sufficient as this will help you identify problems and resolve them before they cause severe damages to the system.

Indeed, modern homes today are designed and equipped with systems that provide and satisfy the needs of every household. Here are some of the changes in today’s homes as compared to those houses 10 or more years ago.

1. GFCIs and AFCIs
Every modern home has GFCIs and AFCIs for protection against electrical shock and electrical fires, respectively. Ground fault circuit interrupters are often installed in kitchens, gardens with outdoor outlets, bathrooms and garages. If you have an older home, you should have your Myrtle Beach electrician install GFCIs for you. If you are planning to build a new home, however, GFCIs are required to be installed in these areas as the house is constructed. According to recent reports, the number of electrocutions has been reduced by at least 70 percent since the introduction of GFCIs in residential homes.

Arc fault circuit interrupters work similarly with GFCIs. The only difference is that AFCI monitor fire-causing arcs in the circuit where as GFCIs monitor changes in the flow of electricity in the circuit. When these are detected, AFCIs and GFCIs work to stop the flow of electricity in the circuit; thereby, effectively preventing potential electrical fire and electrocution. AFCIs are often installed in the bedrooms, family room, living room and other common rooms inside the house.

2. Test switches
GFCIs and AFCIs installed in modern homes should have test switches. According to a Myrtle Beach electrical contractors, these switches should be tested every thirty days to ensure it is in tip top shape. These switches will tell you whether or not your GFCI or AFCI are still working efficiently. Any deviation from its normal operations should be reported at once so a professional can come and take a closer look to identify the real cause of and resolve the problem.

3. Zero electrical hazards
These electrical hazards include heavy reliance on extension cords and surge devices. Homeowners should keep in mind that extension cords are designed to be used only temporarily. If you notice that you are depending too much on extension cords, it is probably time for you to call in a professional and have him install additional outlets for you, particularly in areas where you use the extension cord most often.

Another common electrical hazards in many homes are improperly installed generators. It is true that generators help provide you with additional source of electricity. On the other hand, it should be installed properly to ensure safety not only to the members of the household but also to the neighbors and utility workers. Keep in mind that improper installation and misuse of generators may lead to an outage or injuries to the utility workers.

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