electricianHard to believe, but the United States coastline is hit by an average of 5 hurricanes every 3 years. Hurricanes produce very high wind speeds—most often more than 100mph, as well as 20-foot storm surges. Much of the damage done during a hurricane is a result of storm surge, wind, and also the flooding from heavy rains and huge amounts of water from those surges washing into the streets. Because tropical storm season runs from June-November, it’s important to know and prepare ahead of time what you can do to give you and your family the best chance possible to fare well during a storm. Hurricanes are dangerous on many levels, so do all you can to prevent or minimize damage to your home and property. Here are some tips from professional electricians.

Keep reading for some great tips and information on how to prepare for hurricane season….

Each tropical storm is different, but good prep is the key to having the best outcome. Be proactive in the following: Create a list of things that need to be done around the house should a hurricane threaten your area. Such as bringing in all the lawn furniture, grills and any loose items like tools or toys. Remember, these items can be missiles in high winds! Keep your trees and shrubs cut back. Trimming trees and bushes back can help prevent extra damage as tree branches and shrubs break loose and fly around. Check your drains and gutters often and see that they remain clear of debris. You want them functioning freely in the event of heavy rainfall from hurricanes, or just heavy storms for that matter. If you live in a hurricane prone area, buy shutters that are specially designed for hurricanes.

These shutters are far superior to taping your windows, which will NOT prevent them from breaking. Permanent shutters on doors and windows will give you much better protection for the glass. If you don’t have shutters, then plywood will protect the glass from the outside. Make an evacuation plan. Find out where your local shelters would be during a tropical storm and know how to get there. Talk to your local chapter of The Red Cross and find out what role they will play in the event of a tropical storm and what resources they would offer. They can also help with developing a route for evacuating if the need arises.

Prepare blankets or sleeping bags so that you can get to them quickly if you have to evacuate and go to a shelter. Consider your pets and their needs. Make a plan ahead of time for what they will need, especially if you can’t take them with you. Make an emergency supply kit. You will want to have at the ready a kit of supplies like canned food, can opener, 3 days of water for each family member, batteries and radio, flashlights and a first aid kit.  Be sure to also have an extra supply of all medications you take.

Turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting possible to preserve the cold air in the event of a power failure. Take as many things as possible off the floors to a higher spot to prevent water damage. Consider buying a generator. Everyone should have a generator—especially if you live in a storm or hurricane prone area. If you need more info about how to choose and purchase the right generator for you, ask an electrician Myrtle Beach. Finally, consider installing whole house surge protection.

This will protect not just your TV but your entire home from lightening strikes and power surges that could destroy the thousands of dollars you have in your electronics, land line telephone systems and computers. To find out more about whole house surge protection, visit MB Electrician Pros.  Any time a tropical storm approaches, we tend to see a lot of chaos break out as people scramble at the last minute to evacuate. Being well prepared in advance can save you a lot of headache and hassle! It could even save your life.

Having a generator and Whole House Surge Protection is the best way to prepare for a hurricane.  Give us a call and we will fix you right up.

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