electrical surgeThe recent hurricane, Florence, has swept and damaged residential and commercial properties throughout the state. Residents cannot ignore how ravaging Florence can be, and you are lucky to have little to no damage to your house. However, if you are affected by a power interruption, you might be worried about the performance of your air conditioning unit later on.

How do you know if you have electrical damage on your air conditioner?

If a storm has triggered a power surge in your house causing a trip in your breaker, you probably want to have your air conditioner up and running immediately. But before you switch it ON, electricians suggest that it is necessary to look for indications of electrical damage to avoid more damage.

The very first thing you need to do is turn your air conditioning system off at the thermostats, then go to your electrical panel and turn the switch for the ac system to “off” and after that back to “on.” This resets the external breaker.

Though it might be difficult with the hot and damp temperature levels we experience following a storm, you must then wait half an hour to turn your thermostat back on. This time enables your air conditioner’s internal breaker to reset. This cannot happen if the thermostat is signaling for cooling. After half an hour, turn your thermostat back to cool. Your air conditioner must turn back on, however, if it does not then you might have electrical damage.

Inspect for other external circuits

If you discover that more of your external circuits will not switch back on, then you likely have electrical damage that goes beyond your air conditioner, which can happen from a strong power surge caused by the hurricane.

Electricians also warn that if a breaker keeps tripping, you should not try to turn it back on immediately. These breakers are created to safeguard your structure and circuitry by shutting down the circulation of electrical power.

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