electricianThe coronavirus lockdown is still in effect and Myrtle Beach residents are doing all they can to stay at home and social distance to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, even if you have stocked up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer, wearing gloves when going on a supply run, hand washing the right way, emergencies could still take place. What if you have an electrical problem? What if a pipe burst? You can’t get in touch with an electrician or a plumber to help you. What will you do next?

Plumbing Services

A leaking faucet or toilet can be annoying, however, they are not considered as emergencies. It is recommended not to avoid a plumber to your house unless it is really necessary, during a lockdown. In case you have had a burst pipe, or the only toilet in your house is not functioning correctly, then you must have it fixed right away. Just be sure that you are hiring an experienced and reputable plumber.

Electrician Services

In case an outlet in your kitchen has stopped working and forced you to move your toaster then it is only an inconvenience but not an emergency. For electrical issues while the lockdown is still in place, only an electrical emergency will warrant a visit from an electrician Myrtle Beach.

Did you notice any brown stains around the kitchen outlet? Do you smell a burning scent? Is your box or circuit breaker buzzing? These are indications of possible electrical emergency situations. If you are in doubt, call an electrician and tell them about your electrical problem.

HVAC Services

In case your HVAC system will shut down during instances of extreme weather, it is most likely best to call in an HVAC contractor. However, if the weather is milder and you can do with just fans and extra blankets, then that is the better move. Be cautious if you have loved ones who are more susceptible to changes in temperature such as the elderly.

In case you have an HVAC contractor coming into your house, there are a few ways to help you possibly limit your exposure.

You should ask the HVAC contractor what extra steps they are taking during the stay at home order. Are they adhering to all the CDC guidelines? You should remain six feet away from the contractor every time. Make sure that there are no pets that will interact with the professional. In case you need to sign for the payment, ask the contractor to place the device or clipboard on a hard surface and then back away. Sign for the payment and clean out the surface right after the contractor leaves. Be sure to wipe down all of the surfaces that were possibly touched by the HVAC contractor, like the stair railings and the door handles.

In case you need to call a reputable electrician during these trying times, be sure that the job is done right and to avoid the need of needing multiple visits.

Call MB Electrician Pros if you have an electrical emergency and you need the help of a reliable electrician.

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