Electricians Myrtle BeachMost older homes, built in the 1970s, offer spacious design, elegant landscaping, and amazing furniture. However, even if it is in remarkable shape and hardly any remodeling done, there are still functions that cannot be concealed, such as electric wiring. Thus, one thing to remember is to always ask an electrician to do a thorough inspection before you buy a home.

Below are several factors that your electrician should consider before buying a house.

  1. Do you need to have an electrical inspection?

Picking the right house to buy may be the greatest financial investment you will make, this is why you need to be sure that everything works perfectly. One important factor on the listing that roughly 40 % of people ignore is the state of the house’s electric system. Although a basic home inspection is done, there is no guarantee that home inspectors can do a thorough electric inspection. This is because they do not have enough training to understand electric codes and laws that licensed electricians did.

  1. Does the home have a properly functioning kitchen?

Even if a home inspection is done prior to your purchase, you still need to make sure that everything in the house, especially the kitchen, is working fine. Avoid finding out later that the refrigerator outlet is not working or that additional electrical needs to be installed. If you have a licensed electrician do the electrical inspection, you could be sure they adhere to the electrical safety codes and laws mandated by the state.

  1. When was the breaker panel installed?

Do not be fooled by new interiors and nice furniture, have a licensed electrician inspect the breaker panels as well. Avoid the shock of finding out that you need an electrical upgrade after purchasing a home. It will cost more unexpected expense and can endanger your safety.

  1. What type of wiring does the home have?

An additional issue in older homes that should be considered by a licensed electrician is the lightweight aluminum wiring, which is typical of residences constructed in the 1960s and 1970s. Lightweight aluminum could present issues due to its propensity to oxidize, which is inappropriate with devices made for copper wiring. Lightweight aluminum electrical wiring by itself is not generally dangerous, nevertheless in many cases, homeowners decide to change plugs and switches (which are not made for lightweight aluminum conductors) to a more modern style, without getting in touch with a licensed electrical contractor. According to the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), this situation is an additional safety and security threat. It could also be a potential deal breaker.

  1. Do the Previous homeowners have Certificate of Inspection?

More than half of all the homes that have been built 15 years ago have been re-wired and modifications are made. This is why it is important to ask previous homeowners if they have copies of a certificate of inspection to know if any modification or electric setups have been done. An electric assessment will usually take about 2-4 hrs, depending on the details of the house.

When buying, remodeling or building a brand-new house you need to have an electrical inspection first. Call Myrtle Beach Electrician Pros now!


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