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Damaged, outdated, poorly installed or incorrectly maintained wiring isn’t something that homeowners should take lightly. That’s why if you notice any signs of electrical problem, you should call a Myrtle Beach electrician right away.
Home fires that involve electrical malfunction or failure have caused hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries every year, as well as billions worth of property damage annually. Do not allow your home to be one of the casualties. Stay alert and keep an eye on the warning signs of faulty electrical wiring.
Monitor Your Circuit Breaker Whenever They Trip
A home circuit breaker will trip at some point. That is what they are made to do, turn off your power through the circuit breaker whenever the system overloads. In many cases, you can just turn it back on and continue with whatever it is your doing. But if the circuit breaker trips all the time like several times a month then that is a sure indication that there is a much deeper, and possibly dangerous issue with the electrical wiring of your home and you are burdening the circuit with several high energy demanding appliances or devices.
Listen and Look For Flickering, Dimming, or Buzzing Lights
It doesn’t mean that there’s no problem with your electrical wiring if the circuit breaker doesn’t trip. Another sign of damaged or outdated wiring is dimming, buzzing, and flickering lights. In case your lights constantly buzz when they’re switched on or dim/flicker when you use several appliances, then that’s a sign that your home’s electrical wiring needs an upgrade. And you need to hire an emergency electrician for this.
Watch Out For Chewed or Frayed Electrical Wires
Damaged wiring are caused by amateur or shady electrical engineer, pests, and rodents and it could lead to a significant fire and shock hazard. It’s very important that if you think or find or suspect that there’s any issue of this type, you must get in touch with a residential electrician to check and change the damaged wiring and search for any ancillary damage.
Search For Smoke, Scorching, and Discoloration
Monitor the outlet points in your house. If you see any scorch marks or discoloration on your electrical outlets, that’s an indication that your home’s wiring has been damaged in a certain way and is giving off heat. That heat is already causing damage to your house and has the possibility to do something much worse when left unchecked or neglected.
Outlets Feel Warm or Vibrating
Another way of determining whether there’s something wrong is to touch it. Without touching the wires directly, you can feel the electrical outlets for vibrations or heat. You should also call an emergency electrician to check if there’s any damaged or loose wiring.
Odd or Burning Odors
You should watch out for burning or odd odors because it may be a sign of electrical problems in your home. If you notice these odors at electrical outlets, then you should call an electrician right away. Burning smells indicate fire damage have already started. You need to call an electrical contractor right away.

Call MB Electrician Pros now if you notice any of these signs in your home. Our electricians are always ready to assist you with your electrical problems.

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