Electrician Myrtle BeachBecause of the continued changes and development in technology, many licensed electricians are also continuously prompting homeowners to do an electrical upgrade. This is most especially true considering the increasing number of smartphones, gadgets, mobile phones, laptops, and other electrical equipment and tools that people need on a daily basis.

If you are like many individuals who change their smartphones to the latest model and brand as soon as they come out on the market, you surely need an electrical upgrade. Keep in mind that as you increase the number of electrical powered gadgets and equipment at home, the more you need additional outlets. Plus, the latest models and brands of smartphones and other gadgets are often incompatible with your current outlets. Thus, you do not only need additional outlets but you also need more advanced outlets to provide for the electrical needs of your gadgets.

Three Fundamental Electrical Upgrades

Here are three important upgrades that you need to ensure your electrical systems efficient enough to provide for today’s technological demands.

  1. Rewire your electrical panel using 3-wire circuit

Most gadgets and electrical equipment manufactured today require a 3-prong outlet. Thus, you need to have your 2-prong outlets replaced by those with 3 prongs to be able to efficiently supply electricity to your gadgets. Otherwise, have your electrician install additional 3-prong outlets in rooms that you and the family use most.

Aside from this, it is also important to have your electrical panel rewired using the 3-wire circuit. This will help create the necessary ground for your new and additional outlets. Note that your ground fault circuit interrupter is not enough to provide protection for your new and technology-advanced gadgets. Thus, you need to undergo a rewiring. For added protection, consider investing on surge protectors to supplement the protection provided by your properly grounded outlets.

  1. Install child-proof outlets

According to professional electricians, if you are living with children, adding more outlets in your home might not be a good idea. However, if you are planning to install child-proof outlets, the additional outlets won’t be a concern for you.

Unlike ordinary outlets, child-proof outlets require placing equal pressure in all prongs at the same time for the electricity to flow from the outlet through the prongs. If a child plays near the outlet and decides to stick one of their toys in the outlet, they will not be electrocuted or shocked.

This is indeed a better and safer alternative than using outlet covers, which could be easily taken off by small hands and covering the outlets or limiting the numbers of outlets in your kids’ playroom, which is really inconvenient for a lot of reasons. Child-proof outlets look very similar to the standard outlets and they are equally easy to use. The only difference is the cover inside the prongs that you will have to push through all at the same time for the electricity to flow.

Another great thing about upgrading to child-proof outlets is that you do not have to spend a lot of money on the huge protection and peace of mind these can give you.

  1. electrician Myrtle BeachUpgrade to Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)outlets

This is especially true in areas of your house where electronics are at risk of being exposed to water. These areas primarily include bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and laundry areas. Although you already have GFCI’s installed in these areas, it is highly recommended that you install GFCI outlets as well for added protection.

Do not worry if you have an older home because GFCI outlets can be installed to homes with or without proper grounding. And if you do not have GFCIs installed at home, upgrading to GFCI outlets is a better alternative. Plus, it is highly affordable and very easy to install. Consider this upgrade a smart investment for you and your family’s safety. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that GFCI’s help prevents more than 200 electrocutions and thousands of electrical shocks and burns every year.

These upgrades are not only essential to ensure your home and electrical system is up to date with today’s electrical and technological demands. These are also necessary to ensure you and your family’s safety.

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