Myrtle Beach ElectriciansThe holidays are just around the corner and while you are putting up your Christmas lights and other holiday decorations, you might want to keep these tips in mind from your professional Myrtle Beach electricians….

This is the time of year when everyone brings out their holiday decorations, which primarily consist of Christmas lights. These may come in various forms – rope lights and other types of colorful twinkling lights, singing and lighted Santa figurines, lights with sounds, etc. Obviously, most of today’s holiday decorations are electrically powered. This is why it is extremely important to observe proper precautions and safety measures when installing your holiday decorations.

Why Observe Safety And Precautions

According to recent reports, the holiday season is also a time of the year when the number of fire accidents increases. The risk of having an electrical fire is especially high during the holiday season because the string lights and rope lights you use present a high and serious risk for electrical fires and other hazards.

Aside from preventing fires and accidents, observing precautions and safety allows your decorations to last throughout the season. Additionally, this helps in effectively taking care of and maintaining your lighting decorations and festive displays.

Here are some tips from your trusted Myrtle Beach electricians that you might want to observe as you go through decorating your house for the season.

  • Prevent your fresh tree from being a fire hazard by keeping it watered at all times while it is inside your house. If it gets dry, it could easily ignite by a minimal electrical short, excessive heat, or stray cigarette butts that are still lit.
  • Check each strand of your rope or string lights before installing it. You want to make sure there are no damages on the cords, frays on all the ends, and/or connections that are loose.
  • Use only rope and string lights with fused plugs. These offer an additional layer of protection by preventing sparks from coming out of the plug should a short circuit happen.
  • If there are burned out bulbs in your rope or string lights, you want to replace them with bulbs of the correct wattage. To be sure, bring one of the old burnt out bulb in the hardware store when you buy replacement bulbs.
  • Use insulated hooks when installing your Christmas lights. This help prevents short circuit. Stay away from using tacks, nails or screws as these do not do anything to protect the wires. They actually cause damage to the wires and, thus, increase the risk of a short circuit and electrical fire.
  • Do not let wires and plugs running across the ground. They might get easily damaged by snow, water or debris. They could also get stepped on frequently and may even cause one to trip. Either place them in an elevated position or cover them more effectively to limit the damage to the wires.

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