Electrical Plan Myrtle BeachA lot of the residential electricians in Myrtle Beach require homeowners to create an electrical plan prior to setting up work on their electrical system. Whether it is for repairs or for an upgrade, creating an electrical plan is essential as this will help guide both the electrician and the homeowner on the specific processes that need to be completed.

The electrical plan should be created by both the electrician and the homeowner. The homeowner will dictate where he wants the outlets and light switches to be placed and how many of these will be installed in each room. The electrician will then draw up a map of the wiring needed for these plugs and switches. The plan will also include drawings of specific circuits for the electric range, air conditioner, washer and other huge appliances that need their own breaker.

Necessary specifications in the electrical plan

One of the many important aspects of the electrical plan is the specifications of each item that will be used in the repair or upgrade. And among the most critical specifications that should be clearly indicated in the plan are the sizes of the lines and wires. The sizes of wires are determined by the number of amperes it can carry. Thus, light switches may require smaller sized wires while plugs and breakers may need larger wires.

Aside from the size of wires, it is also important to indicate which appliance will be connected to the plug or outlet. This will help you ensure that the circuit will provide the necessary amount volts for the outlet.

According to a local residential electrician, the electrical load on a circuit is also used to determine the size of the wire needed for that circuit. It is important for the electrician to choose the correct size of wire to be used as well as to efficiently draw them up in the plan. The plan will then dictate which type of wire that is needed to be installed in a certain room and where specifically in the room should the wire be installed.

Other components of the electrical plan

In addition to wires and plugs, the electrical plan should also indicate the number of new boxes needed to be installed and their specific location. These boxes are connected to the service panels, which is connected to the main electrical meter. The service panel is where the feed lines are connected coming from the primary power lines outside. It is also important for the electrician to be able to draw where these boxes are located and which outlets and switches are connected to the box.

These boxes are often placed behind your walls to protect them from damage and daily wear and tear. The electrician will also have to draw in the electrical plan where these boxes will be placed. Boxes for plugs are usually placed near the floor, while boxes for switches are mounted at 3 or 4 feet high. For light fixtures, wall and ceiling boxes are preferred.

If you are planning for an electrical upgrade anytime soon, it is recommended that you work with your residential electrician now to create your electrical plan. Note that when the plan is finalized, it will be followed and should not be altered in any way. That is why you will need a lot of time to create and finalize your electrical plan.

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