Save Electricity Myrtle BeachWhen homeowners notice an increase in their monthly electric bill, they often ask their local electrical contractor Myrtle Beach what might be causing the increase. And because the increase in your electric bill is often due to an increase in your electric consumption, your electrician will recommend tips to help reduce your energy consumption and, therefore, decrease your monthly electric bills.

Decreasing your electric bills

There are several factors that you have to consider in order to decrease your electric bills. According to a Myrtle Beach electrical contractor, you will need to increase your knowledge and calculate how much energy each of your appliances consumes. With this information, you will be able to identify which of your appliances and gadgets consumes the most amount of electricity and be able to plan how to maximize your use of that appliance or gadget.

You also need to coordinate with your electric company and inquire about their kilowatt rates depending on the season and time of day. Note that these rates may change occasionally so you might need to regularly call your electric company to inquire about changes in their rates or you can also have one of their representatives to contact you should their rates change.

Aside from this, you should also consider investing in special tools that will help you control and manage your electric consumption. For example, there are plugs with built in timers that you can use if you want your appliances to run on a specific number of hours.

Tips in lowering your electric bills

If you want to reduce your electric consumption and decrease your electric bills, follow these easy tips from a local electrical contractor.

Run power hungry appliances at night. Power hungry appliances are those that consume too much electricity. These primarily include your air conditioner, oven, dryer and washer. To reduce your electric bill, consider running these appliances at night when kilowatt rates are often cheaper and more affordable. Note that kilowatt rates are different during day time and night time. Because lots of people are awake during the day and a lot of them are using electricity, many electric companies charge higher rates during the day.

Choose white and other lighter colors for your roof. If you are considering having your roof replacement, you should think about choosing white or lighter colors. The reason for this is because black and darker colors actually attract more sun. Thus, it makes the house hotter and more humid inside, which will prompt you to use your air conditioners and ceiling fans much longer.

Take better care of your furnace and HVAC. Keep in mind that a worn out and damaged furnace and HVAC system consumes more electricity in order to function and operate. And the longer your furnace is running while it is worn out or damaged, the more electricity it consumes and higher your electric bill will get.

To prevent this from happening, make sure your HVAC is in tip top shape always. Have a professional conduct regular tune ups and inspections to help you maintain your furnace and HVAC systems. In addition to this, you may also want to regularly check and replace dirty filters to prevent the dirt and dust from accumulating and clogging the filters and air vents.

Use your washer and dryer more wisely. Another appliance that consumes lots of energy is your washer and dryer. Learning how to use them more wisely will not only allow you to maximize your electric consumption. It will also allow you to decrease your electric bill. Whenever possible, wash clothes using cold water so you do not have to spend electricity in producing hot water for your clothes. Also, instead of using your dryer, consider drying your clothes on a line outside, especially during summer. If you need to use your dryer, make sure there is enough space inside for the hot air to circulate. This effectively helps dry your clothes more quickly; thus, you will not have to run your dryer for a longer time.

For more tips in reducing your electric bills, call Myrtle Beach Electrician Pros today and speak with their electrical contractor.

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