myrtle beach electricianCalling an Myrtle Beach electrician for an estimate is very different from calling about computer repairs or other types of home repairs.  When a problem goes wrong with your electricity, there are several possible reasons for the problem.  With many types of repairs, you can take your problem to the repair technicians location and this will save you the expense of them coming to you.  This is not the case with electrical problems.

An emergency electrician will need to drive a van or large truck that are equipped with supplies and tools that they will need to complete the job once they have diagnosed the problem.  With the price of gas over $3 a gallon, just getting to the job is an expense.  Not to mention the time spent while at your home.

For this reason, an electrical expert will charge a diagnostic fee that allows them to come to your home and identify the electrical problem.  They will then give you an estimate for the necessary repairs and it is a good idea to get that estimate in writing.

Can the electrician’s diagnostic charge be avoided?

If you are willing to have the work completed while the electrical specialist is on the premises, they will often wave this charge.  This will often be dependent on the completed cost of repairs.  Fortunately, MB Electrician Pros will come to your home no matter how small the job, however, you may incur a diagnostic charge.

Make sure that the electrical repair specialist you hire offers a warranty with their work.  You certainly don’t want to experience another charge a short time later if the problem persists.  This warranty should also be in writing.

If you have more than one electrical specialist do an estimate, please do them the courtesy of calling them back and letting them know if you decided to go with another service provider and why.  Running a business these days is a learning process and we all like to know if we have fallen short in some way.

Until the end of October, electrical contractor is waving the diagnostic charge for any job – no matter the size.  For a complete list of services and repairs.

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