Myrtle Beach ElectriciansDo you know what those small buttons in your kitchen or bathroom outlets are? These are called Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupters (GFCI). According to Myrtle Beach electricians, these outlets are fast-acting circuit breakers that automatically shuts off electrical power during a ground-fault incident. It typically shuts off electricity in as fast as 1/40 of a second.

In case you haven’t noticed if you have GFCI in your Myrtle Beach kitchen or bathroom outlets, then there must be something wrong. According to building regulations, bathroom and kitchen receptacles and outlets, counter area, or any wet area within six feet should have GFCI installed. These outlets are used to save lives or anyone at risk of electrocution or prevent fire due to wiring damage.

GFCI’s are sensitive to the incoming and outgoing electricity within that outlet. In the instance that it sends a fluctuation electric power, it automatically shuts down the electric circuit to avoid further damage. According to electricians, GFCI will not be able to protect you against contact line hazards, although it will help you avoid ground-fault which is the most general form of electrical shock hazard.

Types of GFCI

In Building construction regulations there are various types of GFCI and these are:

Cord-Connected Type: It is an attachment plug resembling a GFCI module and it also features non-standard with test and reset and buttons. It follows a no-voltage release device that will shut off or disconnect power if it senses any supply conductor is open.

Receptacle Type: These are the low-cost yet most popular type of GFCI. It integrates a GFCI device inside one or more receptacle outlets

Portable Type: This type of GFCI comes in various styles, all tailored for easy transport. It also features a no-voltage release like that of the cord-connected type.

The Best Way To Evaluate Your GFCI

Myrtle Beach electricians advise that GFCIs must be examined typically to ensure they are functioning effectively. To evaluate your GFCI:

  1. Press the “reset” switch on the GFCI to prepare the electrical outlet for screening.
  2. Plug in a common light or plug tester right into the GFCI then switch the ON button. The light must currently be lit.
  3. Hit the “press” switch of the GFCI. The light ought to go OFF.
  4. Press the “reset” switch once more. The light must currently begin once more.
  5. If the light does not shut off when the test switch is pressed, the GFCI could have been inaccurately wired or damaged and it may not provide shock defense it was developed for.

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