Emergency Electrician Myrtle BeachGround fault interrupters or GFI’s are extremely important in every house according to many local emergency electricians and electrical engineers. These special outlets are sometimes the only thing that could protect your appliances from any electrical damage and your family from electrically related emergencies.

Accidents do happen no matter how careful you are. This is why it is important that you install protective measures to keep your family safe. And one of these is the ground fault interrupter outlets, keep in mind that water and electricity should not mix. However, there are areas of the house that are near water sources such as your bathroom and garage where you need an electrical connection. These areas are where you should have your electrician install GFI’s.

What is GFI?

Ground fault interrupters are outlets that have two color-coded buttons between the plugs. What these basically do is that they automatically shut off the electric current that flows through the outlet and to the appliance or machine plugged into it whenever it detects a sudden increase in power. This usually happens when the electricity suddenly mixes with water or moisture, which is often found in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage, patio or swimming pool area.

It is extremely important to have your emergency electrician install GFI’s throughout these areas of your home to better protect your family from dangerous electrical shock as well as your furniture and appliances from being fried. Note that this type of electrical emergency can also lead to an electrical fire; thereby, causing more severe damage to your property.

How do GFI’s work?

Whenever you plug an appliance to any of your outlets, an exchange of electricity occurs between the appliance and the plug to create a circuit. This exchange should be maintained at a constant rate while you are using the appliance. This rate of exchange may, however, change due to outside factors causing the flow of electricity to either drop or increase from the appliance to the outlet or vice versa.

The job of a ground fault interrupter is to monitor this exchange of electricity between the outlet and the appliance that you have just plugged in so that it can instantly detect any sudden increase or decrease in the flow of electricity. When it detects any sudden changes, it will automatically shut off the connection and cut the circuit’s connection, effectively preventing the flow of electricity between the appliance and the outlet. As a result, your appliance is protected from being damaged and the person using the appliance is no longer in danger. Plus, a potential electrical fire has been effectively avoided as well.

What makes these types of electrical emergencies highly dangerous is when the sudden electric current change reaches you or anyone in your family. Keep in mind that the human body is an excellent conductor of electricity. Thus, when a change in electric current reaches you, the electricity will instantly flow through your body, especially when you are touching ground. Note that a change in electric current cannot only flow through the appliance or the outlet, it can also travel through your breakers and fuse.

With a ground fault interrupter, however, the change in electric current will be stopped from flowing through your breakers and fuse right in the outlet. The power is cut off and the current is shut down before it can flow out and put your family in danger. Simply push the reset button in the ground fault interrupter to restart the electric connection in the outlet.

Have a licensed emergency electrician install your GFI’s

According to local professional electricians, you can get GFI’s at any local hardware stores near you. And although you can install them on your own, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to install them for you. Aside from effectively installing the GFI’s, they can also conduct an overall inspection of your electric system to make sure it is up to date and to identify any potential problems.

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