Myrtle Beach Electrical FireWe have seen a lot in the news lately about fires both here in the US and in Canada. The primary cause of home electrical fires at present is substandard power total capacity in older homes.  This is caused by increasing the number of gadgets that individuals use in our Myrtle Beach residences nowadays like robust heating and cooling systems, frost free appliances, large capacity washing machines and clothes dryers along with electric motor powered home equipment and computers.

With the enhanced utilization of computers, practical cooking gadgets such as microwaves and juicers add to that widescreen TV set, many residences are forcing their electric powered circuits.  A good sign that you are over the limit is just how frequently you have a breaker trip or you have blown fuses regularly or perhaps you may detect your lighting dimming.  All of these raise your risk of electrical fires. But do not worry as there are several things you have to know about preventing electrical fires in order to have a safe home.

Myrtle Beach Electrician Lists A Few Power Challenges Which May Result In Electrical Fires

  • Inappropriate Service Panel Capacity

It is a basic formula: total load originating from electric devices > capacity the panel can provide = service panel breakdown.  Your power panel may be close to total capacity and there isn’t any room left for further circuit breakers.

This is the perfect time to talk to a Myrtle Beach electrician and have him produce a map of your present system and contrast it to what you require.  In many instances, a sub-panel could very well be added to increase your power supply.  However, there could be circumstances when a completely new main panel is needed.

  • Overloaded circuits

Another reason to contact a Myrtle Beach electrician for a circuit map will be to see whether the strain on your circuits is greater than the amp status of the actual circuit.  Keep a record of high load occasions when certain devices will probably pull additional electric power and cause a rise which may trip the breaker.

An additional indicator of a circuit overload is when the lights dim whenever an appliance is switched on.  That is definitely a signal that the home appliance or electric machine will need to have a unique circuit panel to handle the increase.

To lower the risk of electrical fires always keep the amperage of the circuit at a safe level.  It is not a good idea to replace breakers with increased amperage.  In these cases, you will want to have an electrician run new circuits from the main panel.

  • Not having enough outlets

Generally speaking, you should have: one electric outlet for every countertop space in the kitchen, virtually every 12 feet roughly of wall surface should have a power outlet, ground fault interrupter outlets inside the restroom and outside walls as needed by building rules.

If you find yourself making use of multiple extension cords it is time to add more electrical sockets.  The typical extension power cord is just not meant to deliver precisely the same heavy current as long-term wiring.  Abnormal loads could potentially cause overheating and possess the potential to result in electrical fires.

Computers often require extra outlets for printers, monitors and other electric devices.  These can overload a system that is already at capacity.  If you are planning to run a business from your home you will want to contact a Myrtle Beach electrician to help ensure your equipment is safe.

  • Feeder wiring which can be inferior span

If you live in an older home the wiring coming from the utility pole may not be sufficient to power modern appliances.  Your local electric company can check the lines for you and replace them if necessary.  You will need the help of an electrician to install a new service panel.  Let your service professional know of any future expansion plans so he can install a panel to meet your future needs as well.

Take a good look at these tips if you are concerned about the safety of your family and want to prevent electrical fires.  Call your local Myrtle Beach electrician if you have concerns regarding the wiring or circuit panel of your home.

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