surge protectionLightning is one of the many wonders of nature; that is until it hits your home. Though, amazing as it may be, lightning can do a lot of damage to anything it hits. A single bolt of lightning can carry as much as 100 million volts. That’s enough power to wipe out an entire herd of elephants in an instant. Just think about how much damage it could do to your home. Luckily, there are measures to prevent or lessen the damage brought by lightning strikes. Your local residential electrician can help you out on protecting your home from lightning.

What your local residential electrician wants you to know about lightning

Lightning is a major force of nature. It is unpredictable and can strike anywhere without any notice. The sheer power and unpredictability of lightning is what makes it so dangerous. However, there are ways to redirect the energy carried by lightning. Your local Residential Electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC knows just how to do so. Here are some of the common lightning protection systems you can install in your home:

Air terminals – an air terminal is basically a metal rod that is mounted on top of the roof. Since it is metal, the electricity carried by the lightning is naturally drawn to it. Instead of hitting the house and shattering the roof, the electricity is diverted to the ground.

Conductors – a conductor is a rod that is placed a foot deep into the ground. This will allow the air terminal to channel the electricity away from the house and dissipate into the ground.

Surge protectors surge protectors are devices that protects your home from massive sudden bursts of electricity. There are different ways on how to install surge protectors. There are individual surge protectors that are used to protect individual appliances and then there’s the whole-house surge protection that shields the entire home from surges.

What are additional steps to take to protect the home against lightning strikes?

Electrical safety should be a top priority inside every household. During a storm, all sensitive electronics should be unplugged from electrical outlets. Instead, it is safer to power devices using external sources that are not connected to the electrical system of your home.

It is also important to for every household to have a regular electrical inspection done. An expert like MB Electrician Pros will inspect the electrical system of the household, uncovering any potential issue. Bear in mind that lightning strikes can fry all of your electronics in a fraction of a second. That’s barely enough time for you to complete one blink. To fully protect your home against lightning strikes and power surges, be sure to seek advice from your local electrician.

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