electricianThere are different services that your local electrician can provide you with – from electrical upgrades or rewiring to an emergency electrical situation. A professional electrician is one of the contractors that you will be working with throughout your journey as a homeowner. As a homeowner, it helps if know the different services and situations when you need an electrician’s assistance.

Services offered by Local Electricians

Replacing outlets with tamper-resistant ones

This type of outlet is also safe for use by families and households with small children and babies. Replacing your old outlets with this type of outlet will surely increase safety inside the house. It will prevent you and all the members of your family from accidental shocks when plugging in appliances and electronic gadgets.

What make these outlets safer are the shutters that are placed in each opening. These shutters should be pressed or pushed at the same time with the same pressure for the electricity to flow. This only happens when you insert a plug correctly. This is indeed a huge advantage over plastic outlet inserts or covers which can be easily peeled off, even by small hands.

Wire damage from drilling holes in the wall

Sometimes, when redecorating a room in the house, you accidentally damage your electrical wiring behind your wall when you drill a hole. Whether you want to hang pictures or paintings on the wall or add another curtain rod, drilling on the wall without the proper preparations may cause you to hit or damage a wire. Should this happen, you need to call in your electrician Myrtle Beach at once. Do not attempt to fix the problem on your own as you might only end up causing more damage or harming yourself.

However, there are some things you can do to so you can safely drill a hole into your wall without hitting or damaging any of the wiring behind it. Experts suggest using a stud finder and aiming your drill at the center of the stud. To be sure that you are hitting the stud and not an open space where a wire might be, use a small tipped screw driver.

Hanging a ceiling fan

Although this might seem easy and simple to many homeowners, there are certain requirements that should be completed when hanging a ceiling fan. An electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach would know what these requirements are and how best to comply with them.

These requirements may include having a ceiling fan rated brace and box and properly weighing the blades while being attached to the motor. Aside from this, specific wiring leads should also be properly connected to the appropriate power leads. Failure to do so and your ceiling fan will not function properly.

Remember that improper installation of the ceiling fan will put you and your family’s safety at high risk. Aside from electrical problems, the ceiling fan might fall on you if it is not properly and securely installed. Always have an experienced electrician, such as MB Electrician Pros, install your ceiling fan to ensure safety and security.

Upgrading your kitchen lights

As part of your kitchen renovation, you might want to add more recessed lighting or install pendant lights with dimmer switches for more dramatic effect on your kitchen. Another lighting improvement you might want to add to your kitchen is under and above cabinet lighting which helps indirectly light your kitchen. As a result you do not have to leave lots of lights in the kitchen overnight. No matter what your purpose is, always work with a professional electrician whenever doing a lighting upgrade.

A professional electrician has the right tools and skills to efficiently install your preferred lighting in your kitchen. They are also knowledgeable of the best ways to efficiently and effectively install lighting throughout your home.

Always ensure you are working with a professional electrical contractor. Ask for a copy of their licenses, certifications, and insurance. Make sure all these are updated and recent copies. These are extremely important to ensure you and your family’s safety.

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