electricianNearly all houses use electric service. And there will come a time when something will go wrong with the electrical system in your home. If you want to add a light fixture or perhaps run rough electric for a new room, here are a few things that your electrician need to know.

Electrician: Never Ignore Warning Signs

The most important thing that electrician Myrtle Beach SC would like you to do is to never neglect or ignore any warning sign that say there’s a problem with your home’s electrical system. Whether it is a popping noise from an electrical outlet, light switches that feel hot, or if the circuit breaker won’t reset, when you have electrical problems, it’s crucial that you take them seriously.

Fortunately, most electrical problems could be resolved fast as long as they aren’t permitted to fester and turn into a hazard as time goes by. There’s a good reason why you have to be aware about electrical repair concerns because it’s an important step in preventing fires in your house.


Among the most common service calls that electricians will get is about what seems to be a failure in your bathroom circuit. According to the code, all electrical outlets that are within six feet of water source must be needed to be protected by a GFCI or a ground fault circuit interrupt. These are essential safety devices that would cut off power in case a circuit is losing amperage so a ground fault circuit interrupt devices are commonly seen in exterior outlets and bathrooms. Electricians want you to remember that one GFCI device will protect everything downstream on that specific circuit.

Live Overhead Powerlines

Overhead powerlines are generally not insulated. If you see squirrels or birds on them, they’re only alive since they are not completing a circuit by providing the current a simpler path or by touching the ground.

Many of the outdoor power lines that you notice are generally weather coated, without any insulation compared to spacers at the utility poles. Since they’re up high from the ground, this will not be a problem unless the lines will fall, or a worker will come into contact with them as they trim a tree.

And although lines that can be touched from a tree or rooftop are very insulated, that insulation will degrade as time goes by, eventually revealing the bare wire. You should be knowledgeable before you approach an overhead line because they’re possibly fatal and should be left at the hands of an expert utility worker or a licensed electrical contractor.

Know Your Limits

It’s wonderful to know how to do things on your own especially when it comes to DIY projects. It’s a good way to become self-reliant while developing your skills. However, you also need to know the boundaries and limitations of your skills. If you’re a newbie to DIY, then it’s best to leave this type of work to professional electricians like MB Electrician Pros.

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