emergency electricianThere are electrical repairs that cannot be postponed and for these, you need to call in an emergency electrician. Although electrical problems are serious matters that should not be ignored, not all of them require emergency services from your local electrical contractor. Some could be as simple as restarting your electrical panel, while others require replacing such as flickering light fixtures – which you can do on your own.

There are also other electrical problems that require professional skills and tools such as upgrading the wiring system in a room where you want to install additional plugs or outlets. Note, however, that these do not necessarily need immediate attention. For these electrical repairs, you can first discuss your options with your electrician and then set up a schedule for when it will be convenient for the both of you to implement the repairs.

And there are the electrical emergencies. These are those electrical repairs that need immediate attention from a professional. And in these instances, you need to call in a 24-hour electrician. Postponing these emergency electrical repairs may result in more severe and costly problems that may put you and your family’s safety at risk. Continuing to utilize electricity knowing there is an electrical emergency is unsafe. Moreover, you will need to shut down your home’s main electrical power switch to prevent electrical fires and other related disasters.

What is an emergency electrician?

An emergency electrician Myrtle Beach is someone who provides his or her services anytime of the day or night. Note that not all electrical companies provide this type of service; although, more and more are realizing the strong demand for it and considering ways to have electricians available anytime homeowners call for assistance.

For your convenience, find out whether or not your electrical company provides 24-hour service. This will ensure that you will receive professional electrical assistance anytime you may need it, especially in emergency situations. You can never tell when you might need an electrician, so it helps if you work with an electrical contractor who you can count on anytime.

What types of electrical repairs need emergency repairs?

As what is mentioned above, not all electrical problems require emergency electrical repairs. And it is not highly advisable to call in a 24-hour electrician for simple repairs that you can do on your own. Keep in mind that you are not the only homeowner serviced by your electrical contractor. Thus, it helps if you know when to call in for emergency repairs.

Here is a list of some electrical repairs that need emergency service from your electrical contractor.

1. When your heating and air conditioning system suddenly stops functioning in the middle of summer or winter.

During the hot days of summer and cold nights of winter, homeowners greatly depend on their heating and air conditioning system. And sometimes, despite how efficient they maintain and tune their systems up, it could suddenly stop functioning right when you need them the most. And most often during these emergency situations, the reason is not because your heating and air conditioning system has failed on you. The emergency is due to an electrical problem.

One of the most probable reasons is a tripped breaker. This happens when your circuit breaker failed to provide for the electrical needs you are demanding at the time when you are running your air conditioning and heating system. For example, you are running your washer or vacuuming when you opened the air conditioning system. And because all these are connected to a single circuit breaker, it will trip. Should this be the case, all you have to do is turn off your thermostat and then switch your breaker off. Wait for a couple of minutes before switching it back on. Observe for a couple of minutes if it will trip again. If not, you can switch your HVAC back on. If the breaker trips again, call in a 24-hour electrician at once.

2. When the power in your house goes out

First thing you need to do when power goes out in your house, check with your neighbors if their power has gone out, too. If so, there is a problem with your service provider. Call them at once to confirm and ask for assistance.

If you are the only one in your entire block whose power has gone out, it is time to call in an emergency electrician like MB Electrician Pros. Have him or her inspect your home’s electrical system to identify the cause of the problem and discuss with you your potential options. You could need an entire electrical upgrade or a re-wiring. Your electrician will work with you on how best to resolve this problem and discuss with you whether or not there is a need to call in your service provider.

3. When you notice sparks and flames coming out of one of your outlets and plugs

According to experts, regardless of the cause of the fire, the fact that there is fire in, outside or near your home, you need to call in your fire department immediately. While waiting for the firemen to arrive, try to put out the fire and get the rest of your family away from the source of the fire. After calling the fire department, inform your emergency electrical contractor that the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction. Keep in mind that even a minor electrical problem such as short circuiting can easily lead to electrical fire if not handled immediately and properly by a certified professional.

Be sure you always work with a certified and licensed electrical contractor for all of your electrical needs. Call MB Electrician Pros now and inquire about their emergency electrician services.

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